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You are likely an experienced traveler—one who has been there and done that. In today’s world, you are less impressed by glitz and glamour than you are by quality and value. For you, it’s not so much the places you’ve been but the experiences you’ve shared. At Enrichment Journeys, our dedicated team understands your desire for a high quality, inclusive vacation that takes you to destinations off the beaten path.

Since our founding, Enrichment Journeys has prided itself on providing unique, hand-picked itineraries including tours, cruises, 4-star-plus hotels, transfers and airfare to our many satisfied clients. When you travel with us, you won’t have to worry about booking a taxi or which tour is the highest quality. Our team of travel professionals dedicates their efforts to providing you with a well-planned, enriching sojourn, ensuring you explore as a true adventurer and not a standard tourist.

Our experience in combining land, air and sea allows for remarkable experiences at an extraordinary value. Our air arrangements are thoughtfully arranged, so you can spend the most time possible in every city, immersing yourself in new cultures and destinations. Local guides are coupled with in-depth tours exploring these fascinating areas, and at the end of every day, you will retreat to carefully selected 4-star-plus hotels in convenient locations where you can further take in the native surroundings and lifestyle. The result is a seamless, all-inclusive, vacation—often at a fraction of the cost of comparable tours. Most importantly, you will not find these packages offered anywhere else!

One Unique Promise.

We craft our style of enrichment with today’s traveler in mind. Journey with us across the ocean from exotic Hong Kong to scintillating Singapore after experiencing eight all-inclusive days in Mainland China. Or, join us on safari, discovering the incredible variety of animals and landscapes South Africa and Zimbabwe have to offer. Regardless of which Journey you select, our promise remains the same. You will have a remarkable experience at an extraordinary value.

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