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Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River

26 Nights featuring Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Manaus and the Amazon River

Includes: International Airfare, Hotel, Tours, Transfers and More!

Land Program: Includes Full-day Guided Tours on Most Days

Start Date: March 10, 2024
(Sailing March 15, 2024)

About This Journey

The Amazon Jungle has intrigued explorers and travelers for decades. On this Journey, you will explore the world’s fifth-largest country, Brazil, from the Samba capitals to the heart of the Amazon. Kick off your Journey in Rio de Janeiro, swaying to Bossa Nova classics and drinking fresh coconut water on Copacabana Beach. Visit Corcovado’s famous Christ the Redeemer Statue and iconic Sugarloaf Mountain for panoramic views of the city, including Ipanema, Copacabana, downtown Rio, the bay and mountainous coastline beyond. Learn how to make a caipirinha—Brazil’s signature cocktail—while relishing the mountaintop views. Discover the exotic flora of Brazil and the Amazon at the botanical gardens. Experience the excitement of Carnaval with a behind-the-scenes visit to a Samba school and savor the memories with a farewell dinner at a traditional Brazilian Steakhouse.

Then, embark on your luxurious cruise aboard Oceania Marina, indulging in the Finest Cuisine at Sea®, inspiring workshops and more. Sail to ports along the coast of Brazil, stopping in Salvador for an Exclusive Shore Excursion for Enrichment Journeys guests only. You’ll see Pelourinho, a UNESCO Heritage site and the largest complex of colonial architecture in South America, as well as examples of Baroque and 19th-century architecture. Continue for a once-in-a-lifetime experience; gently winding your way through the Amazon River. The sheer scale of this gigantic “ocean river” running through the heart of the Brazilian rainforest will simply blow you away. Witness banks dense with the greenery of the rainforest; where flame-haired monkeys and neon-tinted parrots flash through the trees, their vivid colors matched by the brightly painted wooden canoes in which local tribespeople carry on with their daily lives. Sail across the equator into the dreamy, tropical islands of Barbados and Antigua before disembarking in Miami.

Visits: Oceania Cruises, Oceania Marina, 36342, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Maceió, Recife, Macapa, Alter Do Chao (Amazon River), Boca Da Valeria (Amazon River), Manaus (Amazon River), Parintins (Amazon River), Santarem (Amazon River), Bridgetown, St. John’s, Miami, Warm Journeys

Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River


Start Date: March 10, 2024
(Sailing March 15, 2024)

Day Port Arrival Departure
1 Arrive Rio de Janeiro – Welcome Dinner
2 Rio de Janeiro – Tour to Corcovado and Botanical Garden
3 Rio de Janeiro – Tour to Sugarloaf Mountain
4 Rio de Janeiro – Tour to Petropolis
5 Rio de Janeiro – City Tour, Carnaval Experience & Farewell Dinner
6 Rio de Janeiro – Transfer to Port for Embarkation 6:00 PM
7 At Sea
8 Salvador, Brazil – Included Shore Excursion 10:00 AM 7:00 PM
9 Maceio, Brazil 11:00 AM 8:00 PM
10 Recife, Brazil 7:00 AM 5:00 PM
11 At Sea
12 At Sea
13 Macapa, Brazil 3:00 PM 5:00 PM
14 Alter Do Chao (Amazon River), Brazil 12:00 PM 8:00 PM
15 Boca Da Valeria (Amazon River), Brazil 7:00 AM 3:00 PM
16 Manaus (Amazon River), Brazil 9:00 AM
17 Manaus (Amazon River), Brazil 4:00 PM
18 Parintins (Amazon River), Brazil 10:00 AM 6:00 PM
19 Santarem (Amazon River), Brazil 7:00 AM 3:00 PM
20 Macapa, Brazil 1:00 PM 2:00 PM
21 At Sea
22 At Sea
23 Bridgetown, Barbados 7:00 AM 3:00 PM
24 St. John’s, Antigua 8:00 AM 3:00 PM
25 At Sea
26 At Sea
27 Miami, Florida – Disembarkation 8:00 AM

**Please note that this itinerary is subject to change at anytime, including port of call changes. Please call a Personal Vacation Manager with any questions.

Land Program

Day 1 – Arrive Rio de Janeiro 

Upon arrival at the airport, you will be transferred to the hotel. Your room will be ready for an early check-in, so you’ll have time to relax and enjoy some free time at Copacabana Beach before joining your fellow travelers for a welcome dinner. (D)

Note: if you wish to spend more time in Rio de Janeiro, ask your Personal Vacation Manager about the optional hotel extension.

Day 2 – Rio de Janeiro 

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

Today we will start our tour of Rio de Janeiro with a visit to Corcovado Mountain and the famous Christ the Redeemer statue. We will board a cog railway tram, which will wind its way through the Tijuca Rainforest and up to the peak of the mountain. As you stand at the foot of the statue 2,300 feet above the city, you’ll have time to enjoy the view of Ipanema, Copacabana, downtown Rio, the bay and mountainous coastline beyond. It is truly a spectacular view!



Botanical Gardens

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens

After sitting down to a traditional Brazilian meal, we will then continue to the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens, which was opened in 1808 by King John VI of Portugal. This garden showcases over 7,000 species and contains the world’s largest botanical collection relating to the Amazon. Return to the hotel for an evening at leisure. (B, L)



Day 3 – Rio de Janeiro

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain

Today we will visit another famous lookout point: Sugarloaf Mountain. You will take a cable car up to the top of two mountains, Urca and Sugarloaf, which are located at the entrance of Rio’s Guanabara Bay. Here you will have a different perspective of the city than you had yesterday, but not less impressive.




Caipirinha cocktail

While enjoying the views from the mountain top we will stop at a bar and learn how to make Brazil’s national cocktail—the Caipirinha. Made with cachaça (a spirit made from sugarcane), sugar, and lime, it is a refreshing cocktail that is surprisingly easy to make. After lunch, we will return to the hotel, where you will have the evening at leisure to stroll along the beach or sway to Bossa Nova at a local bar. (B, L)


Day 4 – Rio de Janeiro

Imperial Museum

Imperial Museum

This morning we will head out of the city for an enchanting trip into the mountains outside of Rio and the town of Petropolis. This town was the summer residence of King Dom Pedro II, Portugal and Brazil’s last monarch. We will visit the Imperial Palace, now a museum, that boasts the crown jewels as well as an impressive collection of fine china, furniture, paintings and tapestries from the Imperial Court. After a delicious lunch we will head back to Rio de Janeiro, where you will enjoy the evening at your leisure. (B, L)


Day 5 – Rio de Janeiro 

Lapa District

Lapa District

This morning we will explore downtown Rio de Janeiro, including the old and new city, and learn about the Rio’s history, current projects, and plans for the future. During our tour we will view the old Lapa district with its aqueduct arches, the historical center of Rio with the restored Viceroy Palace and the National History Museum, the impressive Candelaria Church, and the São Bento Monastery, considered to be the city’s richest historical building. We will also pass by Rio Branco Avenue, the Fine Arts Museum, the quaint Cinelandia square and the imposing Municipal Theater, a scaled-down copy of Paris Opera.



Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

Then, get ready for some fun! This afternoon we will visit a Samba School, where groups of 4,000 to 5,000 people gather to create a “school” and participate in the annual Carnaval parade. In Rio de Janeiro alone, there are over 100 schools dedicated to Samba. We will visit a school’s “barracão” (large warehouse), where the design and construction for the parade floats and costumes take place. During this behind-the-scenes visit, you will learn about Samba and all the work done by the samba school during the year in preparation for the festival. Then, we’ll Samba our way to a famous Brazilian steakhouse, where we’ll toast a farewell to Rio de Janeiro and enjoy one last incredible meal together. (B, D)

Day 6 – Rio de Janeiro Embarkation 

After breakfast, check out of the hotel and transfer to the port, where you will board the Oceania Marina for a 21-night cruise to the Amazon River. (B)

Day 7 – Cruising onboard the Oceania Marina (see below for cruise highlights)

Day 8Salvador Shore Excursion 

Tororo Dique

Tororo Dique, Salvador, Brazil


Pelourinho, Salvador, Brazil

After breakfast on board, disembark and set off with your local guide on the most exclusive shore excursion in Salvador. Our first stop will be at Pelourinho, a UNESCO Heritage site and the largest complex of colonial architecture in the South America. This main square in the city center is lined with colorful buildings that date back to the 16th century. We will then stroll through the narrow, bustling streets lined with buildings in pastel shades of an age gone by, soaking in the sights and sounds of this vibrant city. Next, we will visit the church of São Francisco with its exuberant gold-leafed Baroque interior. We will then drive by the Tororo Dique, a park with magnificent statues dancing on the lake.

Rio Vermelho

Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Brazil

We continue to Casa do Rio Vermelho, Jorge Amado´s legendary home in Rio Vermelho, where the Bahian writer received so many of the world’s literary luminaries as his guests, now converted into an emotive museum of his life and work. Then, sit down to a delicious lunch at Casa de Tereza, a painstakingly restored 19th-century home in the heart of Salvador´s “bohemian” Rio Vermelho district, home to many of the busiest bars and music venues in Salvador. Chef Tereza Paim commands this bustling restaurant serving the best in contemporary Bahian cuisine in an eclectically decorated restaurant with works of art by leading Salvador artists.


Sao Diogo Fort

Sao Diogo Fort

After lunch we will head to the 17th-century São Diogo Fort at Porto da Barra Beach, which houses an interactive audio-visual exhibition of the works of Carybé, a master sculptor and painter. The fort is also home to a permanent interactive digital exhibition highlighting the iconic photographs of Pierre Verger, a French ethnologist who was deeply inspired and trusted by Candomblé religious leaders, thus allowing him unparalleled access to sacred rituals. Like his two friends Amado and Carybé, he also documented daily life in Salvador, including local markets and street scenes. His iconic black and white photos are a testament to the city´s cultural wealth. Head back to ship before sunset. (L)

Day 9-26 – Cruising onboard the Oceania Marina (see below for cruise highlights)

Day 27 – Miami Disembarkation 

Enjoy breakfast onboard, then disembark the Oceania Marina and transfer to the airport for your return flight home.

For meals not included in your land programs, all hotels chosen include a restaurant on property where you may relax and enjoy a meal. In addition, your guide is available to make suggestions on nearby dining, shopping or sightseeing.

Port Highlights

Maceió, Brazil

Maceió, Brazil

Maceió, Brazil: Wrapped around a sparkling lagoon that links up with the sea, Maceió is a modern tourist destination with a reverence for its Portuguese colonial past. Spot architectural jewels including the stunning blue-and-white-tiled Bom Jesus dos Martírios church and take in a sweeping panorama of the city from the São Gonçalo Belvedere. For an authentic keepsake, select among a rainbow of rendas, traditional lacework evocative of fish netting that has been dyed in tropical colors. It’s no surprise that in Maceió water activities reign supreme, including a catamaran cruise over the Mundaú Lagoon to a secluded beach for the ultimate respite under the sun.


Recife, Brazil

Recife, Brazil

Recife, Brazil: Discover colonial Brazil in Recife and nearby Olinda and step back in time along narrow, winding streets amid meticulously restored homes, churches and lovely plazas. Admire the scenic views from the Malakoff Tower and Olinda’s hilltop plaza. Visit the old Dutch fort, the Jewish Historic Archive and a local artist in his workshop and gallery.




Macapa, Brazil

Macapa, Brazil

Macapa, Brazil: Macapa is also referred to as “the capital of the middle of the world”, which can be credited to the fact that the equator passes through the middle of it. The city of Macapa is one of the many popular tourist destinations in South America, due to its natural tropical beauty.




Alter Do Chao, Brazil

Tapajos River Beach

Alter Do Chao (Amazon River), Brazil: Home to Ilha do Amor, one of the most photographed white sand islands in the entire world, Alter do Chão is a charming riverside village. Explore Lago Verde, a grand lagoon that can be viewed from rented canoes, or take a boat tour along the Rio Tapajós or the Amazon. You’ll see a number of bird species and might even spot a crocodile or a sloth. Try Serra Pelada if you seek the perfect place for a short but breathtaking hike.



Boca Da Valeria, Brazil

Boca Da Valeria, Brazil

Boca Da Valeria (Amazon River), Brazil: Go ashore and wander on your own through this tiny settlement at the mouth of the Valeria River. Listen to the screeching of parrots and watch the riots of color they display as they take to the air. Observe Amazonian life up close.




Manaus, Brazil

Manaus, Brazil

Manaus (Amazon River), Brazil: Visit the famed Manaus Opera House. See the old mansions and the Indian Museum, featuring artifacts that chronicle the heritage of the region’s tribes. Journey into the jungle and trek along a rainforest trail. Take a riverboat to the “Meeting of the Waters,” where the dark, clear Rio Negro and the muddy, yellow Rio Solimões join to form the mighty Amazon.




Parintins, Brazil

Boi Bumba Festival

Parintins (Amazon River), Brazil: Visit this isolated island town, steeped in Indian culture, in the middle of the Amazon River. Its stadium has become the focus of the Boi Bumba Festival, an annual event similar to Carnival. Witness an exclusive performance of this Amazonian folklore story.




Santarem, Brazil

Santarem City Waterfront

Santarem (Amazon River), Brazil: See the bustling waterfront, the cathedral, the museum and the famed “Meeting of the Waters” at the confluence of the Tapajos and Amazon rivers. Or see the rivers converge from a boat on the way to Maica Lake, while looking for rare Amazon pink dolphins. Travel into the nearby countryside and take a walk along a fascinating Amazon jungle trail.




Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown, Barbados: Discover the many beautiful aspects of this island, from its rugged Atlantic coastline to its beautiful Great Houses, cane fields, exquisite gardens and glorious beaches. See the island’s spectacular underwater treasures on your own snorkeling expedition.




St. John's, Antigua

St. John’s, Antigua

St. John’s, Antigua: Take a scenic drive, enjoy panoramic island views and visit the famed Nelson’s Dockyard. Go deep-sea fishing or off-road to interesting seaside villages and see the fragile mangrove ecosystem. Play golf, enjoy snorkeling and sea kayaking, or just spend the day relaxing on a fabulous white sand beach.



Salvador, Brazil – Exclusive Shore Excursion: Your Enrichment Journey package includes an exclusive shore excursion in Salvador. For a full description, see the “Land Program Details” section above.

Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River

Included Features

  • International airfare, transfers and baggage handling
  • 5-night pre-cruise land program in Rio de Janeiro
    • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 5-night hotel stay
      • Welcome Dinner
      • Full-day tour of Corcovado and the Botanical Garden
      • Half-day tour of Sugarloaf Mountain
      • Full-day tour of Petropolis
      • Full-day city tour of Rio de Janeiro
  • Tour Leader throughout pre-cruise land program and Local Tour Hosts during included tours
  • Most meals while on tour (see itinerary highlights) and all meals while onboard
  • 21-night sailing aboard the Oceania Marina
    • 10% Off Shore Excursions (see “Special Offers”)
    • Exclusive full-day guided shore excursion in Salvador, specially created for Enrichment Journeys guests
    • OLife Choice of 1: Beverages, 8 Shore Excursions or $800 Shipboard Credit
    • Featuring standard Oceania inclusions:
      • Free Internet
      • The Finest Cuisine at Sea™
      • Access to the Canyon RanchSpa®
      • Shows and guest lectures
      • Spacious staterooms
      • Much more!
        • Special Offer—Ends 12/31: Receive up to a $800 Visa Gift Card per stateroom, including a $200 Limited Time Bonus shown in total. Call for details!

Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River

What to Expect on Your Trip


Most days during the land portion will include full-day tours. The overall pace is rather quick, as there is much to see in these regions, however there is a healthy mix of both visits to historical sites and time to enjoy the landscape and scenery. Most days include two meals, allowing the third meal to be at your leisure. All hotels will have a restaurant on property where you may dine, then have the rest of the evening to relax. If you wish to go out, your guide is available to make suggestions for nearby dining.

During the cruise you will have a mix of relaxing days at sea and exciting days on land to explore the port cities. You may choose from optional shore excursions, which will allow for cultural immersion, exotic meals and numerous activities.

Physical Activity

The land portion of the trip should be considered active and includes a considerable amount of walking. Enrichment Journeys will do everything in our power to ensure comfort through our third-party providers, including air-conditioned buses and comfortable accommodations where applicable. However, some areas cannot be accessed by coach, so our drivers will get you as close to sites as is legally allowed. Sensible, rubber-soled walking shoes are strongly recommended. Historical sites often do not have elevators, escalators, or ramps due to the age of the building/structure. Steps can be steep and uneven. Wheelchair access at many sites is limited to extremely limited. Based on crowds and traffic, order of visits may be changed. A fold-up wheelchair may be able to be stored on the bus but requires prior arrangements. Guests must be able to transfer from their chair to the transportation.  Guides/drivers are not allowed to lift or push wheelchairs, so guests requiring physical assistance must travel with a companion who can assist. Motorized wheelchairs and scooters cannot be accommodated on this group program. For the cruise portion of the trip, passengers will board and leave the ship up stairways and gangways, and you may have to walk a moderate distance to transfer to train, bus and car stations. Time spent on the road and traveling can be long, so you will need to be prepared for stretches of down time in between destinations.

Cultural Focus 

The pre-cruise program in Rio de Janeiro will include local music (Bossa Nova, Samba, etc.), a carnival experience, traditional cuisine and local artistry. You will encounter dishes and ingredients typical to the region that you may not have encountered before, and you will be introduced to local artistry of the region. Enrichment Journeys encourages an open mind when in unique situations and meeting people abroad. Sometimes the attractions, beaches, and cities themselves can be crowded, especially while on the cruise.

Unique Factors

If you have special needs or physical limitations, you will need to check in with your personal vacation manager before booking the trip. The temperature can vary between day and night, so pack accordingly with items that can be layered. Some guests may wish to have a light sweater or windbreaker with them.


While on tour:

Rio de Janeiro to Petropolis: 2-hour coach transfer

Please note that these times are approximate and only reflect the transportation time. Our trip may be longer due to stops for sightseeing along the way.

International Airfare:

Included international airfare is from select airports only. To inquire about a different airport, please contact your Personal Vacation Manager.

Enrichment Journeys is committed to providing remarkable experiences at extraordinary value. As a result, airlines and routes are selected to maximize that value and may involve multiple stops and extended layovers versus non-stop or direct flights. Passengers wishing to utilize specific carriers, direct/non-stop flights, Business Class upgrades, or to extend their time in any of our beginning or ending destination cities may do so by contacting Enrichment Journeys and inquiring about the Custom Airfare Program. There is a $50 per person charge for this service, however this charge will be applied toward any flights or upgrades you choose to purchase. The $50 charge must be paid prior to receiving a custom air quote.

Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River

Ask about receiving 10% off all shore excursions from Shore Excursions Group!

Special Offer—Ends 12/31: Receive up to a $800 Visa Gift Card per stateroom, including a $200 Limited Time Bonus shown in total. Call for details!

Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River

1-night Rio de Janeiro Extension (pre)

Want an extra day to adjust to the new time zone and relax on the beach? With this optional extension you will arrive to Rio de Janeiro a day early and have an extra day to relax at the hotel before the tour starts. Note: tours are not included. Price of $99 per person (based on double occupancy) includes:

  • 1-night hotel accommodations in Rio de Janeiro with daily breakfast
  • Private transfer from airport to hotel

4-night Iguazu Falls Extension (pre)

Looking to discover even more of South America during your travels? Now you can, with a 4-night Journey extension to Iguazu Falls! Start your Journey with 4 nights savoring one of the greatest natural wonders of the world.
At first sight, Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Poor Niagara!” in exclamation to the sheer size of Iguazu Falls, being taller than and nearly twice as wide as Niagara Falls. The panoramic views of over 200 cascades, the rumbling of tons of water rushing off the cliffs, and the spray of mist rising amongst the jungle provide a magical experience to all visitors. The diverse wildlife and pristine landscape will remind you of the glories of nature. This extension includes:

  • Roundtrip flight from Rio de Janeiro to Iguazu Falls
  • Three-night hotel accommodations at Bourbon Cataratas do Iguazu Hotel
  • 1-night additional hotel accommodation in Rio de Janeiro
  • Most meals
  • Local English-speaking guide
  • Tours and transfers in air-conditioned vehicles
    • Tour in Iguazu National Park
    • Adventure Navigation Cruise on Iguazu River
    • Visit both the Argentinian and Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls
    • Much More!

Price: $1699 per person based on double occupancy
Single: $1965


Day 1 – Arrive Iguazu Falls

Your Journey extension begins when you are welcomed by your local host at the Foz do Iguaçu airport where you will then transfer to your hotel for check in. Enjoy time to relax and get settled in before meeting your fellow travelers for dinner. (D)

Day 2 – Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Today we will explore the Argentinian side of the Falls. Once we are across the border, we will enter the Iguazú National Park. Consisting of 55,500 hectares, it bears the name of the river serving as the northern border, which means ‘great waters’ in the guaraní language. Surrounded by lush subtropical rainforest, we will find the majestic Iguazú Waterfalls. Its water volume and more than 275 falls places it among the most important and spectacular waterfalls in the world. While taking in the magnificent sight of the falls, you will also get a great opportunity to discover the 2000 different species of flora, over 500 different kinds of birds and approximately 80 different mammals that surround the tropical rainforest of the falls.

On different footbridges we will visit the heart of the waterfalls, appreciating them from different angles. We will visit the lower circuit, feeling at one with nature as the refreshing waterfall mist surrounds us. On the upper circuit, we will stop at different viewpoints, and then reach the balcony at Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). No doubt, this is the most amazing of all falls: thundering water drops more than 260 feet into a misty white pool. Next, we will get a closer look at both the rainforest and the waterfalls. We will drive trucks into the vast wild vegetation joined by experienced guides. Then, get off at the pier and board a boat to sail the Iguazú inferior river canyon, rafting the river rapids to appreciate the Falls from San Martín Island’s peaceful backwater. We will then visit the Tres Mosqueteros (Three Musketeers) fall, and the Garganta del Diablo (Devil”s Throat) which will crown the tour. Hugging the coast of the island, we will end the day at an impressive spot: beneath the San Martín fall, the largest waterfall any motorboat can approach safely. *Please review the medical and mobility restrictions involving today’s tour at the bottom of the itinerary.

After your thrilling adventure, enjoy lunch and then head back to your hotel to enjoy the rest of your evening at leisure. (B, L)

Day 3 – Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, Brazil Side

Today we will explore the Brazilian side of the Falls, which offers a different perspective of Iguazu (“Iguaçu” in Brazil). As 80% of the waterfalls are on the Argentinian side, visiting the Argentinian side offers more opportunities to get up close to the waterfalls, while the Brazilian side offers more panoramic views of the entire falls landscape. Once we enter the Iguaçu National Park, we will then take an elevator down to the base of the waterfalls and stop right above the river level. From a 1,000-yard footbridge, you will be able to admire a panoramic view of majestic Iguazu Falls. Afterward, we will take the elevator up to Salto Floreano, a viewing platform offering breathtaking views. Upon conclusion of the tour, we will head back to the hotel for a relaxing evening at your leisure. (B, L)

Day 4 – Iguazu Falls to Rio de Janeiro

After breakfast and hotel check-out, a transfer will take you to the airport for your flight back to Rio de Janeiro. Upon arrival, another transfer will be waiting to take you to your centrally located hotel, where you will have the evening at leisure. Tomorrow your Enrichment Journey will officially begin! (B)

Note: this extra night in Rio de Janeiro may be prior to your Iguazu Falls program instead of after, depending on flight schedules. More details will be provided upon ticketing your airfare.

Day 5 – Rio de Janeiro

Today is the start of the standard Enrichment Journeys program. (B)

Please note that guests with the following conditions are not allowed to ride the boats of the Zodiac Navigation Tour and will have to skip that portion of the tour:

  • People with osteoporosis, neck, back conditions or have had neck, back surgery
  • People unable to climb 100 yards of stairs
  • People with heart conditions
  • People with COPD or neurological conditions
  • People unable to handle a nautical emergency on the lower Iguazu River

Additional information for guests with mobility issues:
The Iguazu Falls viewing decks consist of many levels of viewing platforms, only accessible by stairs. These platforms and stairs may get slippery from the mist of the falls. Guests must be able to climb up and down multiple stairs on their own to take in the spectacular views. Unfortunately, guests in wheelchairs will not be able to participate in the tours in Iguazu.

Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River

Dates & Prices
03/10/2024 Retail Value EJ Price Savings Per Person Single Rates

Prices are in USD and are based on double occupancy.

Interested in the land program without the cruise? Call for details.

Air Add-Ons
City Add-On City Add-On City Add-On
Atlanta $250 Houston Intercontinental $450 Philadelphia $350
Boston $300 John F. Kennedy $300 Phoenix $450
Toronto $400 Los Angeles $400 San Diego $450
Dallas-Ft. Worth $350 Orlando $250 Seattle $400
Vancouver $450 Miami $0 San Francisco $400
Washington – Dulles $350 Chicago $300
– Business Class Air Available on Request
– Additional Gateways Available on Request
– Air Add-On Rates are subject to change without notice. While we try to include the most common airports by default, we have many clients coming from different parts of the country. If you desire air from an unlisted airport, you must first reserve your Enrichment Journey with one of the listed airports as your default gateway and then ask, or have your Travel Agent ask, Enrichment Journeys to provide a quote for your preferred gateway.

All prices on our website and e-Journey Travel Guide are subject to change without notice. While we make every effort to provide you the most accurate and up-to-date information, occasionally, a trip or pricing category may be misprinted or unavailable at the time of booking. In the event of an incorrect price due to typographical, photographic, or technical error, or error in pricing information received from our suppliers, we retain the right to correct the price and to refuse or cancel any bookings placed at the incorrect price. In addition, all offers, prices, and conditions of sale may be subject to change without notice including tours, included features, highlights, minimum or maximum stays, itinerary, times in port, and/or other conditions/restrictions.

Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River

The following hotel list is preliminary and subject to change. Although we contract for hotels a year or more in advance, unforeseen circumstances do occasionally require a change of hotel. Should it be necessary to change a hotel, one of equal quality or value will be substituted and you will receive confirmed hotel information with your final itinerary.

Miramar By Windsor Copacabana

Avenida Atlântica, 3668, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, CEP 22070-001, Brazil


Located right across from the famous Copacabana Beach, the Miramar By Windsor Copacabana boasts stunning views from the luxurious infinity pool and spacious suites. This exquisite hotel offers butler service and free Wi-Fi. Start your day soaking up beautiful beach views while savoring a rich breakfast.

Decorated in warm, gray tones, each room here comes equipped with air conditioning, a flat-screen cable TV, a safe and a mini-bar. The private bathroom includes a convenient array of toiletries and plush bathrobes.

Many shops, grocery stores, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are close to Miramar by Windsor. Stop in for a cocktail at the rooftop bar or take advantage of the available beach service with towels, chairs and parasols.

Oceania Marina

Cruise Line: Oceania Cruises

Whatever corner of the globe beckons you to explore, Oceania Cruises takes you there in comfort and style. Relax on board luxurious ships and savor exquisite cuisine that not only is renowned as the finest at sea, but also rivals the best restaurants ashore. Inspired by Master Chef Jacques Pépin, these culinary delights have always been a hallmark that distinguishes the Oceania Cruises experience from any other. Considering the uncompromising quality, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of an Oceania Cruises voyage is its incredible value. Lavish complimentary amenities abound and there are never supplemental charges in any of the onboard restaurants. Each of our voyages is an invitation to discover your next travel story and reignite your passions. Experience faraway places that you have always dreamed of. Encounter new ways of looking at the world and travel to the far corners of the globe. Savor your experience with imaginative insider tours that immerse you in the heart of the destination’s culinary and cultural traditions. Every moment spent on an Oceania Cruises voyage confirms that this is Your World. Your Way.®

Ship: Marina

Marina blends sophistication with a contemporary flair to create a casually elegant ambiance. From the sparkling Lalique Grand Staircase to the stunning Owner’s Suites furnished in Ralph Lauren Home, designer touches are everywhere, highlighting the finest residential design and furnishings. More than anything, Marina personifies the Oceania Cruises experience.

Intimate and luxurious, Marina retains the same warmth and charm of her acclaimed consorts Regatta, Insignia, Nautica and Sirena. While the country club casual ambiance and level of personalized service remain the same, Marina offers even more choice and some enticing new amenities.

Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River

Before You Go

Money Matters

How you handle your currency and financials while on the trip is up to you. Some people prefer to exchange all their money in advance, while others will rely solely on credit cards. Consider calling your bank ahead of time to make them aware of your international travel, especially when using cards or withdrawing money.

ATM Machines

These are often readily available, especially in major cities. Some will charge fees on top of what your hometown bank may charge for using ATMs abroad. Look for well-marked machines that have the Visa or MasterCard symbols.

Foreign Banks

Currency can be exchanged at most banks, if needed. Ask a local host or tour manager if there is a nearby bank that is open.

Credit Cards

During your trip, you’ll find that most major credit cards are accepted. Call your specific card issuer ahead of time to find out its limitations and benefits overseas.


Do be aware that some additional charges for mini-bars, laundry and room service will not be included in the tour package. Plan accordingly for these extra charges.

Packing Guidelines

Pack as simply as possible for easy transfers and customs screenings. Check with your domestic and international carriers regarding baggage guidelines, allowances, and check for additional fees. All bags will be screened before boarding flights and the cruise ship.

What to pack

Basics and layers are key to a comfortable Journey. Be sure to check the weather in the destinations you will visit, and pack accordingly. There are always unpredictable variables as well, so make sure you have one sturdy jacket and an outfit for a formal occasion too, just in case.

Here are a few key items to take on your trip:

  • Raincoat/poncho
  • Hooded jacket/fleece pullover
  • Pants with pockets
  • Skirt with pockets
  • Hat with visor & sunscreen/bug spray
  • Warm socks
  • Sturdy sandals
  • Practical shoes for walking/easy hiking
  • Extra pair of prescription sunglasses and/or glasses (if needed)
  • Camera(s)

Have back-ups for everything to avoid disappointment. Charge batteries in advance and bring extra film or digital memory cards. If bringing a high-end camera, consider investing in insurance to protect your asset.

Luggage Screening Process

To pass through screening, have liquids either in small containers and bagged, or in checked luggage. All valuables necessary for the trip should be on your person at all times, if possible. This includes medications and documentation. We recommend one main bag and a carry-on, per airline guidelines for weight and size.


Have all your bags labeled with your name and address clearly marked. Add something to you luggage that is recognizable in the event your bags are misplaced. You may also consider marking your bags with “Enrichment Journeys” for efficiency.

Carry-on items

In many countries, including the US, large liquid containers are not allowed in carry-ons. On the way back into The States, food or agriculture items are prohibited. If you have questions about a certain item, visit for a list of items that cannot be packed.

Airport transfers

Airport transfers are included as part of your Enrichment Journey. Local representatives will advise you of the departure time from your hotel the night before departure. Generally speaking, arrangements have been made to have you at the airport approximately three hours in advance of departure, though this may vary depending on local circumstances. At the end of the cruise, an airport transfer will also be provided. Please advise your Personal Vacation Manager if you do not require transfer arrangements at the time of booking your Journey.

Cell phones

Some cell phones will work overseas, but incur additional charges for the use. Choose whether you would like to add an international plan by calling your carrier, or consider purchasing a pay-as-you-go phone overseas. However, in some destinations, many smartphones and tablets can pick up wireless Internet for free.

Protecting the Value of Your Travel Investment

Enrichment Journeys offers a comprehensive travel insurance package you can purchase alongside your trip. It eases the mind and lets you cancel your trip for a covered reason up until the departure date with a full refund of the Journey.

The insurance covers a wide variety of incidents, including travel delay, emergency medical services, and even baggage delay. You will also receive a pre-existing medical conditions waiver if travel insurance is purchased within 14 days of your initial deposit. For a full list of coverage provided, visit the FAQ section of the website.

Medical Issues and Handicaps

As with any extensive trip abroad, our excursions with Enrichment Journeys will require some physical capabilities, including transfers from cruise ships, walking on cobblestone streets and navigating through some busy cities with guides. Although we encourage all types of travelers to join us, we do ask you are aware of your own physical limitations. Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual care to those who may have walkers, wheelchairs or other aids. Enrichment Journeys also cannot accommodate pregnant women past their six month gestation period. Please speak with one of our Personal Vacation Managers to see if certain itineraries are suitable for you and your needs. We are happy to suggest other viable options for you that are more accessible.

Per the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, travelers have the right to be reasonably accommodated in terms of tours in public situations. However, the laws do not apply for trips and outside the United States. So you must let Enrichment Journeys know ahead of time of any physical limitations, including information added to our questionnaire that needs to be filled out by all passengers. Failure to inform Enrichment Journeys of these limitations could result in refusal to participate, whether it be at the airport through the airline, on board the ship or at the accommodations booked.

If you have any sort of prescription medication, this should be a number one priority in packing. Bring extra, just in case. A small medical kit is also advisable for quick access to remedy minor aches and pains.

Briefing sessions

A local host or tour manager will be happy to guide you through the trip and answer all of your questions. Upon arrival to your destination, an Enrichment Journeys representative will meet with the group and go over items such as the daily schedule, weather and local customs.


All hotels booked by Enrichment Journeys are held to a high standard of comfort and quality, in accordance to international accommodation standards and rating systems. However, each accommodation varies so you may experience various types of properties throughout your excursions.

Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River

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Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River

Regional Information

Travel documentation

Have your passport and visas ready and available at all checkpoints. Scan and copy these documents to print out. It is recommended that you e-mail a copy to yourself and someone back home in the event these documents are misplaced. Also, it may be worth bringing an international ID or license.

Passport and Visa

To travel internationally, you must have a passport in good condition, and it must be valid for at least 6 months after the last day of your trip. Visa requirements change frequently and for various reasons. As a result, our Personal Vacation Managers are not always able to provide visa information. The best way to obtain up-to-date information regarding visa requirements is to visit the official US government website for Americans traveling abroad, Travel.State.Gov (Canadian citizens should visit, for all other countries please visit your government website or local embassy), which details specific information on the countries you would like to visit, including visa requirements.

You may also use a third-party visa service. These services require an additional service fee but make the process of applying for a visa much simpler.


Vaccinations are recommended to protect one’s health from preventable diseases abroad. It is always good to have routine vaccinations up to date when traveling for ailments such as chickenpox, measles, and the flu shot. Use your own discretion when deciding on what vaccinations to have based on your preferences and personal medical history. During your Enrichment Journeys tour, the utmost care will be taken with prepared food, atmosphere and other elements, so the likelihood of contracting diseases is scarce.

For a list of recommended vaccinations based on destination, visit or feel free to contact the Center for Disease Control and Prevention directly at 1-800-232-4636.

Electric Current

You will need an adaptor for some parts of your trip.  To see what the plugs will look like at your destination, visit and click on each country from the right menu.

You may also need to use a converter. Most countries outside of North and Central America use 220-240 V, whereas the U.S. and Canada use 110 V. However, most chargers these days have a box which will act as a converter so that it can be used in all countries around the world. If your charger box says “Input: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz” then you do NOT need to use a converter (but you may still need an adaptor so that the plugs fit in the socket).

Some hotels may have two and three pronged outlets to use for various appliances. Ship cabins also have outlets for you to use with their converter. However, we recommend having at least one or two adaptors with you, as we cannot guarantee that all hotels will be able to accommodate this.

Local Currency

Brazil uses the Brazilian Real (R$), currency code BRL

Barbados uses the Barbados Dollar (BDs$), currency code BBD

Antigua uses the East Caribbean Dollar (S), currency code XCD

Please visit for the current exchange rate.

How you handle your currency and financials while on the trip is up to you. Some people prefer to exchange all their money in advance, while others will rely solely on credit cards. We suggest having at least some local currency with you during the trip, at least enough to take a taxi if needed. Consider calling your bank ahead of time to make them aware of your international travel, especially when using cards or withdrawing money.

Tipping Guidelines

Tipping is always appreciated but not always required. Expect several instances throughout the hospitality industry that allow for tipping. Have small bills ready for hotel staff, boat crew, restaurant servers, drivers, guides, and baggage handlers. If you have a meal outside the itinerary or hire a resident driver, a few dollars in the local currency is customary.

Gratuities are included for group meals, at hotels, and at airports. The host, guide, or tour manager can be tipped roughly $8.00-$12.00 USD per person, per day. Drivers can be tipped $5 USD per person, per day. For more information about when and how much to tip in each country, feel free to speak with your tour guide at the start of your Journey. A good reference for international tipping is

Time Differences

Please be aware that you may be crossing through several time zones throughout your Journey. To view a time zone map, visit


With the tour covering various regions, you will most likely come in contact with warm and/or cool weather, occasional rain, wind and/or damp environments. Check the weather online before departing for an up-to-date look at the conditions in major destinations. Remember that in the southern hemisphere, March is at the end of summer heading into early autumn.

Many countries outside of North America use Celsius. Here is a °C to °F quick reference guide:
-5° C = 23° F 5° C = 41° F 15° C = 59° F 25° C = 77° F 35° C = 95° F
0° C = 32° F 10° C = 50° F 20° C = 68° F 30° C = 86° F 40° C = 104° F

High/Low Temperatures in Fahrenheit:

Rio de Janeiro 90/75 92/75 90/74 87/72 82/67 81/64 80/63 82/64 82/66 84/69 86/71 89/73
Salvador 87/77 88/77 87/78 85/77 83/76 81/74 80/73 80/72 82/73 84/74 85/76 86/76

Practice the Local Language

Knowing a few phrases in the local vernacular can be a wonderful way to connect with people and feel immersed in the culture. Here are some key words and phrases:

Brazil: Portuguese

  • Oi (oy): Hello
  • Tchau (chow): Goodbye
  • Sim (sing): Yes
  • Não (now): No
  • Por favor (PAWR-fah-VAWR): Please
  • Obrigado(a) (obri-GAH-du or obri-GAH-da): Thank you
    • If you are a male, say Obrigado (regardless of who you are speaking to)
    • If you are a female, say Obrigada (regardless of who you are speaking to)
  • Banheiro (bahn-YEY-do): Bathroom

Visit for more phrases with sound.

Barbados and Antigua: English

Fun Facts

Check out these interesting facts about the destinations you will visit on your Journey.


  • Brazil is the largest country in South America and the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese.
  • Being the largest country on the continent, it covers 3 time zones and borders all South American countries except for Chile and Ecuador.
  • At one point, Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Portugal, making it the only European capital outside of Europe.
  • Brazil has been the largest producer of coffee for the last 150 years.
  • Rio de Janeiro translates to “January River,” but the river is actually a bay.


  • Barbados is where rum originated. The Mount Gay Distilleries has been producing rum since 1703!
  • The locals call themselves “Bajan”, and Bajans often refer to the island by its nickname “Bim”.


  • St. John’s is the capital city of Antigua and Barbuda, and the country is made up of three islands.
  • Antigua is home to the largest nesting colony of frigate birds in the Caribbean. At least 182 bird species have been recorded in Antigua.

Recommended Reading List 

Vacation should be easy, peaceful and, most of all, completely stress-free. Let us handle the details, so you can sit back, relax and curl up with a good book as you count down the days to your next Journey! We’ve compiled the following list of books and movies to introduce you to the destinations you are about to visit.


  • Brazil: books by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, including The Alchemist
  • Brazil: Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands by Jorge Amado
  • Brazil: City of God by Paulo Lins

Travel Guides


  • Brazil: Bossa Nova (2000)
  • Brazil: Four Days in September (1997)
  • Brazil: Rio, I Love You (2014)


Journey to Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon River

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