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Travel Insurance

The best reason to purchase travel insurance is the same reason you have for any other insurance—you cannot plan for accidents, delays or illness, nor can you schedule your vacation around them. Accidents, emergencies and unforeseen circumstances can happen anywhere at any time, to anyone. Travel insurance can give you peace of mind by protecting your vacation investment, health and belongings. Nearly 70% of all travelers choose to protect their vacation investment with travel insurance.

Why take a chance? Remember, no one can plan for accidents. Your health, belongings, vacation and peace of mind are easy to insure with our comprehensive APRIL Travel Protection Travel Protection Plan.

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Protecting Your Investment
The amount of money one risks on their vacation in cancellation penalties charged by the cruise line or tour company are usually more than the insurance coverage itself.  Pre-existing conditions can be covered, or you may not have a pre-existing condition, but have a family member that does, and they may need you.


Trip Cancellation
100% of Trip Cost

Trip Interruption (PRIMARY & STRESS LESS)
150% of Trip Cost

Missed Connection (PRIMARY & STRESS LESS)

Travel Delay (Up to 6 Hours) (PRIMARY & STRESS LESS)
$200 per day / $600 Max

Emergency Medical (PRIMARY & STRESS LESS)

Emergency Dental (PRIMARY & STRESS LESS)
$750 Max

Evacuation/Repatriation of Remains

Lost Baggage
Up to $1,000

Baggage Delay (24 Hours)
$200 per day, $600 max

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (24 Hours)

Length of Travel
Up to 90 Days

Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver
If insurance purchased within 14 days of deposit

Additional Benefits

  • Reimbursement of penalties should you have to cancel for a covered reason.
  • Missed cruise connection assistance will make arrangements for you to meet the ship should you miss your departure.
  • 24-hour emergency medical assistance during travel.
  • Reimbursement of unexpected travel expenses you may incur due to an emergency, travel delay, or lost luggage/documents.
  • Emergency travel assistance 24 hours a day world-wide with the APRIL Travel Protection Help Line.
  • Cashless Benefits are available on certain portions of the program which eliminates the hassle of claim forms and fronting your own money for in-transit issues.

Assistance Services
APRIL Travel Protection also provides Assistance Services that are included with your insurance coverage. All services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world. Call APRIL Travel Protection at 855-277-4587 with any questions:

  • Medical Assistance, Medical Consultation and Monitoring
  • Telephone Interpretation Services
  • Emergency Cash Transfers
  • Travel Document and Ticket Replacement
  • Hospital Admissions Assistance
  • Legal Assistance
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