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Journey to China and Southeast Asia Trip 27328

25 Nights Departs: November 14, 2018

This unforgettable Journey features an all-inclusive 10-night trip to mainland China before joining an exotic Far East cruise,...

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New Date

Journey to the Best of China and South Korea Trip 27130

25 Nights Departs: March 6, 2019

This unforgettable Journey features an all-inclusive 10-night trip to Xi'an, Chengdu, Guilin and Hong Kong before joining an...

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Journey to the Wonders of Japan and China Trip 26898

26 Nights Departs: October 10, 2018

Explore the historic cultures and traditions of Japan and China. Images of dynasties and imperial cities merge with lavish...

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Journey to Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Philippines Trip 64

25 Days Departs: February 1, 2018

Experience the flavor and contrast of Dubai, then explore exotic Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore with this Enrichment...

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Journey to Argentina and Machu Picchu 2019 Trip 27521

24 Nights Departs: March 8, 2019

Visit the legendary Inca ruins of Machu Picchu and experience the Spanish colonial cities of Argentina, Peru and Chile on this...

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Brand New for 2019!

Journey to Tahiti, Easter Island and Machu Picchu Trip 27269

22 Nights Departs: March 2, 2019

Visit the beautiful oasis of Tahiti, the mysterious statues of Easter Island and the architectural marvels of Machu Picchu on this...

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Brand New Journey!

Journey to Antarctica, Iguazu Falls & Montevideo Trip 27199

19 Nights Departs: January 15, 2019

No two days are the same on an a cruise to Antarctica — but every day is an exciting new adventure that brings you closer to...

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Journey to Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls and Rio Carnival Trip 121

21 Days Departs: January 29, 2018

Discover, explore and dance through the magnificent Iguazu Falls, historical Buenos Aires, iconic Argentinean tango and Rio...

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