Dorint Blüemlisalp Beatenberg/Interlaken

Hubel 114, Beatenberg 3803 Switzerland

Telephone: +41 33 8414-111

The 4-Star Hotel, Dorint Bluemlisalp Beatenberg/Interlaken, is situated on what could be called the sun terrace of the Swiss Alps. Allow yourself to be captivated by the special magic that is the natural paradise of Beatenberg, high above the rooftops of Interlaken. Pristine Alpine meadows and the invigorating mountain air offer an almost irresistible allure. The Dorint Bluemlisalp Beatenberg/Interlaken is a true mountain hotel, from which one could almost reach out and touch the 2,000m high Niederhorn, or the legendary Eiger North Face. The village of Beatenberg is settled in the Bernese Oberland region at the very heart of Switzerland, where it lies nestled against the mountain overlooking Lake Thun.