Dublin – Limerick

  • After arrival in Dublin, transfer to Limerick where you will enjoy a Panoramic Tour of the city. The Vikings founded Limerick in the 9th century as a base for raiding local monasteries and Celtic settlements. It was later colonized by the Anglo-Norman who built the castle in 1210. The City at that time was divided into Irishtown and Englishtown, and life was seldom calm between the two groups. Today Limerick is the main city of County Limerick and is Ireland’s third largest city with a population in excess of 80,000. It is often referred to as the sporting capital of Ireland because of its excellent sports facilities and passionate devotion to rugby. The city has recently achieved fame as the setting for Frank McCourt’s best-selling autobiography ‘Angela’s Ashes’. Enjoy lunch today at a local pub/restaurant before checking into your hotel to enjoy the balance of your day at leisure.