Schollart Channel, Paradise Bay and Gerlache Strait, Antarctica (Scenic Cruising)

The scenery is like no other that you have seen. Stunning! You are certain to leave with amazing memories, and pictures, as you cruise through Schollart Channel, Paradise Bay and Gerlache Strait. Take in the mesmerizing sights of massive ice flows, humpback whales, waddling penguins, leopard seals and more in their natural, and somewhat extreme, element. Here, waddling penguins, cresting humpback whales, and barking leopard seals outnumber the people cruising through the channel. At Paradise Bay, the protected harbor lives up to its name. Ringed by hanging ice cliffs and dotted with floating icebergs reflecting every color of the spectrum, it has a heavenly aura about it. Hear the breathy sound of surfacing humpback, minke, and killer whales coming to feed in the krill-rich waters. At the sometimes occupied Chilean station you will be entertained by the gentoo and chinstrap penguins, and may have the chance to set foot on the Antarctic continent.