Tel Aviv – Haifa

This morning we leave Tel Aviv and drive along the Mediterranean coast and visit the ruins of Roman Caesarea, once the Capital of the Roman regime. Over a period of just 12 years, Herod transformed Caesarea into a grand city and major seaport – and dedicated it to Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus, who had returned it to Herod after wresting it away from Cleopatra. See the theater, the aqueduct, the Hippodrome and more. Continue to Akko and tour the ancient city, see the old British prison, the underground crusaders city, and walk through the escape tunnel to the old port and see the traditional Turkish Bath now used as a local museum telling the story of Akko. Our last visit today will be to the amazing Tunisian Synagogue in Akko a very special visit to an amazing house of prayer. This afternoon we tour Haifa, the beautiful city  located atop Mount Carmel, and stop at the view point overlooking the bay and hanging Baha’i Gardens.