Regardless of whether you arrive in Budapest by ship or by tour, you will have a city tour to orient you to this amazing city that is easily navigated on your own. Divided by the Danube River, the city is in reality the hills of Buda married to Pest and the plains beyond. The two banks unified in 1873 under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Budapest is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with enough baroque, neoclassical, Eclectic and art nouveau buildings to satisfy everyone. But there are sad reminders of WWII and 1956, including the poignant Shoes on the Danube memorial, and ones of hope and reconciliation – like the ‘sword’ of the former secret police building on Andrássy út now beaten into the ‘ploughshare’ that is the House of Terror, with both sides of the story told. Your visit here includes a folkloric dinner, a city tour with a visit to the Parliament, and an off-the-beaten-track and out of town trip to enjoy a rustic landscape that is delightfully different from the city. Called the pustza, it is an almost desert-like area which has many horse farms. On this unique tour, drive through the pustza to reach the town of Kecskemet. Explore this charming town before a visit to a horse farm. This is a popular attraction in the area and you can enjoy a ride in a horse-drawn carriage and watch man and beast perform together in a spectacular horse show. End the tour with a meal in a traditional csarda (restaurant) on the farm.